"...Themes of religious difference, the nature of friendship and the boundaries of control add complexity to a set of attractively flawed characters. Basil’s novel is subtly played out; passionate and intelligent in scope."
The Financial Times
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"...what makes Basil's Obscure Logic stand out from any other everyday heart-wrencher is the maturity with which it recognizes that there are no easy choices or irrefutable answers to dilemmas and confusion about the nature of love and passion. Basil seeks neither solutions nor compromises, and yet she writes a prose that burns and scorches with wry conviction about young love that refuses to say die."
India Today
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"I took a bit of a punt on [The Obscure Logic of the Heart] as it was outside my usual run of reading, but I absolutely loved it, one of the best reads so far this year. What I admired most was Priya Basil's ability to weave her themes together seamlessly, making the brutality of the world reverberate in distressing ways in the crucible of passionate love between men and women, between parents and children and between good friends. I felt I'd been given an illuminating glimpse into a part of the world about which I knew nothing, and had been caught up in a powerful story that made me think. This is definitely an author to watch."
Tales from the Reading Room.
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"Priya Basil has done a wonderful job of characterization. Her description of the turmoil faced by people in love makes the book an interesting and satisfying read."
New Woman magazine

"This invigorating read keeps one turning page after page with the same intensity."
Verve magazine

"Lovers of rollicking romances will cherish the dramatics on offer here against a backdrop of exotic locales and the sometimes tragic repercussions of religious dictates - and secrets - on personal relationships."
South China Morning Post

"A brilliant second book and one that makes a stand to address the complex battle and struggle for identity and independence faced by the modern Asian woman."
The Asian Writer
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"The Obscure Logic of the Heart is truly one of the most fine and splendid books that I have read in recent times. The book is so wonderfully written and every character in the book well defined... By the time the book ends you feel sad that the book is over!"
The Book Lovers Review blogspot.
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The Obscure Logic of the Heart "is intelligent, involving and very enjoyable, and a book which gives the reader much to think about."
Cornflower Books
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"The ending is absolutely perfect. Whenever there was a twist in the story I was surprised and yet each time I was sure I knew what the next twist would be, before being surprised again. These twists, as well as a clever ending is what stopped this story being a cliché that we have all heard before and, despite much guessing, the end was sophisticated and touching. "
The Book Bag
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"Basil's maturity as a writer is newly reflected in characters whose emotional, ideological and political lives are closely intertwined-redolent of the complex personalities created by writers such as C.P Snow and Evelyn Waugh... Basil spans a large canvas of well observed and entirely credible third world nepotism against which Lina's work for a better world appears as a cry in the desert. Woven into the bigger picture are many small, luminous threads of conversational snippets, situational snapshots, the humdrum of life lovingly seen and recorded. The micro- and the macrocosm are bound together by all that happens in between and above all, in-between people. The book flows at all levels, but here, for me, is Basil's true strength: her interest in people, her sympathy with them, and the way she brings this to bear on her narratives."
Ex-Berliner Magazine, June 2010
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"Following the success of her debut novel Ishq and Mushq Basil has produced another beautifully written story. Two young lovers pursue a secret relationship, both are so different and yet drawn to each other passionately, all the while knowing that their liaison, if discovered, will have disastrous effects."

"One can imagine this kind of story being treated rather simplistically (as, for example, a tale of the heroic lovers striving to overcome all the obstacles life places in their way), but Basil doesn't do that - all her characters face difficult questions, and there are no easy answers. ...Basil's novel is a good read purely in terms of its plot, as she manages several times to wrong-foot the reader over what will happen (or has happened). Yet there's so much more here besides, and it all makes The Obscure Logic of the Heart very satisfying to read."
Follow the Thread literary blog
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"This provocative and compelling novel explores the moral dilemma and oppositions presented by the culturally opposed Lina and Anil."